Field to Fork

“Field to Fork” Meals to Go from Daveed’s Catering and Culinary Kitchen

*For the safety of our guests and staff we kindly request that you wear a facial mask when visiting us.
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7896 Camargo Rd., Madeira | CALL 513.721.2665 on Monday to Pre-order for pick-up Tuesday-Friday

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NEW!! | Pot Roast | $16 | Single Serving | 4-5oz pot roast, braised carrots, white cheddar mashed potatoes, red wine gravy | Contains: Dairy

wine pairing: Nielson Pinot Noir $14.99

NEW!! | Chicken & Prosciutto | $14 | Single Serving | 4-5oz sliced chicken, roasted yukon gold potatoes, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, sage, capers, lemon butter | (GF) Contains: Dairy

wine pairing: Monte Volpe Vermentino $15.00

NEW!! | Sweet Chili Shrimp | $16 | Single Serving | 3pcs of shrimp, orzo pasta, asparagus, broccolini, corn, red pepper vinaigrette | (DF) Contains: Shellfish

wine pairing: Casal Garcia Vino Verde $9.00

NEW!! | Creamy Sherry Seafood Medley | $18 | Single Serving | Ditalini pasta, with swordfish, mahi-mahi, cod, calamari, garlic | Contains: Shellfish, Fish, Dairy

wine pairing: Gruner Hopler Veltliner $16.00


NEW!! | Fuhgeddaboudit | $5 | Single Serving | layers of rice crispy treats, caramel coated with milk chocolate | Contains: Dairy


House Made Perogies | serves 2 | $13 | ricotta & goat cheese filling (V)

wine pairing: Monte Volpe Vermentino $14.99