Holiday Menu

Holiday cookiesDaveed’s Holiday Menu offerings for 2019 include flavorful selections from which to choose.

Call 513.721.2665 to place your order or use the Holiday order form below.


Retail Hours: Wednesday 11am-4pm | Thursday 11am-5pm | Friday 11am-4pm

Monday December 23rd11am-3pm | Please allow 36-hour notice | 513.721.2665

 All menu items will be in half aluminum pans | Minimum 12 guests

Braised Short Ribs (GF)                                                                      $180

Sliced Chicken, Sherry, Mushroom, Garlic, and Pancetta Gravy (GF) $144 

Ranch Tater Tot Casserole                                                                  $60

Chicken, Lemon, Capers, Olive Oil (GF) (DF)                                    $60

Roasted Green Beans, Bacon, Parmesan Cheese                            $60

Crab Cakes, Remoulade, Vegetable Chow Chow                              $84

Seared Salmon, Cream Spinach, Gochujang Maple Glaze               $120

Beef Sliders, Caramelized BBQ Onions, Truffle Aioli | 15 sliders       $45

Chilled Beef Tenderloin slider, horseradish cream, cranberry jam, romaine $96

Breakfast Egg Casserole, roasted potatoes, eggs, peppers, onions, chorizo, and cheddar cheese $36

All items in this meal are cooked and refrigerated so they will be cold when you pick them up. Reheating instructions will be included. Be sure to allow time for reheating each dish before serving your meal. Many of our dishes can be reheated right in the packaging, while some may require your own pot or pan.

  • NON-REFUNDABLE $25 Deposit required with order | Deposit deducted off final total.
  • Delivery available on Monday December 23, 2019, please inquire.