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Daveed’s has been a well-known name throughout the area for 21 years. And, now we feature a retail space to share Chef David’s food creations including Fatty & Skinny brand sauces & rubs, as well as Secret Red Gravy (marinara sauce).

With variety of exclusive venues for gatherings of all sizes and a love for catering private events at customer homes and businesses, Daveed’s Catering & Culinary Kitchen is known as a food creator and stylist, plate by plate.

The uniqueness of its’ style of catering is what has grown the business to its current level and will grow it to the next level. Stay tuned to this website and its’ Facebook pages to keep up-to-date on upcoming event schedules. Thank you for being part of the Daveed’s family!



    Chef and owner of Daveed’s Catering, David Cook, began his restaurant career at age fifteen busing tables and washing dishes at the historic 20 Mile House Restaurant in Loveland, Ohio. Now David and his wife, Liz, have been the driving force behind making the name Daveed’s nationally noteworthy.

    The success afforded to Daveed’s was based on David’s persistence. He knew that upscale yet comfortable dining with professional service and exceptional food was bound to find its way to smaller venues. David beat the rush and paved the way for other restaurants to follow.