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Daveed’s History & Chef David Cook’s Bio

Daveed’s returning to Mount Adams

Daveed’s is returning to Mount Adams, to the building on Hatch Street where it began.

David and Liz Cook first opened Daveed’s 934 there in 1999, but moved to Loveland in 2012 to open a new restaurant called Daveed’s Next. They have closed that location and hope to be back in their original spot on the Hill in October, pending liquor license approval.

They own the building, which has been empty since their tenant, Indian restaurant Cumin, closed.

It will not be the same Daveed’s that once served fine dining over the turn of the century. The plan is for a much more casual restaurant, more welcoming to Mount Adamd residents and regular visitors. Nor will it be the sharing of small plates format that the Cooks tried in Loveland. This is a more casual proposition, with small plates, burgers, sandwiches, and entrees.

“People say they’re so happy they’ll be able to come have foie gras and caviar again,” said David Cook. “But no, that’s not what we’re doing.”

It was hard for the Cooks to “casualize” Daveed’s the first time around. But as time has passed, they hope customers will welcome a new, everyday version. David Cook is still the chef, with the same skill and creativity he has always had. But he won’t be working with high-priced ingredients or the same niceties of service – though he does promise they’ll still have duck on the menu.

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About the Owners, Chef David Cook and Liz Cook

Chef David Cook and his wife, Liz Cook, had a vision 15 years ago to provide the area with excellent food in an upbeat, eclectic atmosphere. And, they’ve accomplished and maintained that vision. The hard work they’ve invested into this venture has earned them consistent 4 Star ratings. In fact, they’ve achieved one of the highest Zagat ratings in the country, the AAA 4 Diamond Award 1999-2012. And now, this past year, they’ve created a new restaurant north of Cincinnati to share Chef David’s unique food creations in a more scaled down way.

Chef David and Liz Cook Entering the restaurant industry at the young age of 14 bussing tables and washing dishes, David Cook aspired to become a chef. He enrolled in Midwest Culinary Institute in Cincinnati and after graduating, accepted the position of Sous Chef with the Maisonette Group’s Newport Beach venture across the Ohio River in Newport, Kentucky. His performance there led him to become Executive Sous Chef at La Maisonette, Cincinnati’s 35-year 5-Star Mobile rated restaurant located in the Downtown area.

During his 8 year tenure with La Maisonette, he trained under Chef Georges Haidon and gained extensive knowledge and experience with Classic French cuisine. Additionally, David was mentored by Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel whose focus was more on Nouveau French cuisine.

Once again, his hard work and focus on technique and creative influence were rewarded when he was promoted to Executive Chef of Chester’s Road House.

After a successful career with the Maisonette Group, Chef David and his wife, Liz, decided to spark off on their own venture, Daveed’s at 934. It was located in Mt. Adams where David chose to blend New American food utilizing French techniques and an occasional Asian undertone. “It’s good, fun food at a good price with very good service”, says David. The result is that dining at Daveed’s provided the atmosphere of a New York or Chicago restaurant, with cutting-edge food and excellent flavor profiles.

Last year, they moved from Mt. Adams to the Loveland/Landen area north of Cincinnati and opened Daveed’s Next with the same fun atmosphere and excellent flavor profiles but on a smaller scale.

David was raised in New Jersey just across the river from New York City. His family frequented the city often and introduced him to fine dining at an early age. For this reason, Daveed’s guests will find that the food offers a grand quality without the grand price.

While Daveed’s still attracts the special occasion crowd for private parties and catering, it has evolved to accommodate the everyday crowd. Patrons can still enjoy a plate of Digby Bay Sea Scallops or a Roasted Lavender Pear and Arugula Salad in addition one of his new creations, Smoked Drambuie Duck Breast.

Supporting the local economy is important to the Cook’s. Whenever possible, Chef David buys local. Featuring a booth throughout the Summer at local farmer’s markets, he teaches visitors how to cook and prepare dishes from the local fruits and vegetables available there. In addition, he conducts cooking classes at Cooks Wares in Harper’s Point and Settler’s Walk in Springboro to provide an understanding of food preparation, technique and wine pairing. Chef David also supports and teams up with and The Spicy Olive in West Chester and Hyde Park.

Chef David also supports the local economy by using local foods in his bottled creations. Fatty & Skinny Brand hot sauces and salsa, all-purpose seasoning, spicy rub and his newest creation, Secret Red Gravy, are sold separately but also used in the restaurant in his unique dishes.

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